Emunah, amongst Israel’s leading social action organizations, was founded over 80 years ago to deal with the challenges of contemporary society. Emunah’s activities focus on education, legislation and social welfare, aiming to strengthen the Jewish family, advancing the status of women, encouraging volunteerism and chesed.

Emunah - Caring for a Nation

Daycare Centers

Emunah's child care network encompasses some 135 day care centers throughout Israel, including multi-purpose centers that provide shelter and dedicated care to children from disadvantaged families.

Residential Care

Emunah's residential family units, therapeutic homes, after-school programs, and study centers are part of a comprehensive system of support, empowerment and welfare that Emunah provides for children and teens who lack supportive family backing. Crisis Centers protect children and teenage girls at risk to break the cycle of distress.

High Schools

Emunah's system of secondary education offers girls a Torah-oriented education with disciplines such as computers and art, technology and science, music and graphics, fashion and engineering, and more.

Emunah College

Emunah's College in Jerusalem offers academic degress in visual media, theater and art, and equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required for a productive and creative professional life in their chosen field.

Special Programs

Emunah's Special Programs include Summer Programs at Emunah Children's Homes for High School Juniors, Emunah Maayan Rivka Golden Age Restaurant, Emunah V'Omanut - Overseas One Year Program, Mechinat Lapidot and more.

Promoting Women's Status

Emunah takes a prominent role in public endeavors aimed at empowering observant women, enhancing their inclusion in community life, and expanding their spheres of influence.

Family Counseling

Emunah's Family Counseling Therapy Centers offer professional counseling to individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as therapy for children and teens using a wide range of methods - personal counseling, testing, workshops, and lectures.

Adult Education

The Beer Emunah Institute in Jerusalem provides professional training for facilitators and therapists. Affiliated with Emunah branches is a widespread network of midrashot, or study centers, offering a pleasant setting for women to study Bible, Jewish law, and Jewish thought.

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