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Emunah’s Machon Be’er combines professional training with Jewish values. Preparing educators to work in the fields of marriage counselling, healthy sexuality, parenting and gerontology. The courses are recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Emunah Midrashot

The World Emunah network of Midrashot are learning centers for women of all ages who come together to study various topics pertaining to Judaism and family life, holidays, Jewish law, philosophy etc.

World Emunah's Midrashot provide classes based on Jewish and Zionist values, covering a wide range of subjects, all with the view of creating harmony between the roles which women play within the Jewish community, strengthening the participant’s relationship with Israel and creating a welcoming environment for women within the local community to come to learn. 

Participants meet weekly or monthly depending on location, interest level and availability of participants. The Midrasha is also a place where women can gather socially with their friends, meet new people and share ideas. Classes can be given on different levels depending on demand. Often these Midrashot are the only centers of there kind in a community. 

New Midrashot can join the network of our Batei Midrash spread around the world which are organized by World Emunah together with the World Zionist Organization Department for Religious Affairs directed by Rabbi Yechiel Wasserman.

If you are interested in starting a World Emunah Midrasha please contact our office at:
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