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Network of 135 Daycare Centers

Emunah operates a diverse network of 135 daycare centers, the third largest in Israel, serving more than 9,000 children daily, including 3,000 vulnerable children from welfare families, providing excellent care in a secure environment and within a Jewish framework. Working parents find peace of mind knowing these centers offer a safe and quality solution for the daily care of their children.

Provider of Quality Early Childhood Education

Children in Emunah’s daycare centers are educated in the spirit of the traditions of Israel and its heritage.

The centers have been the first to adopt a healthy diet for the children in their care and they operate under the professional supervision of government authorities, and the educational supervision of Emunah.

Our daycare centers offer day care at minimal cost to those who can’t afford to pay. We can only do this with your support.

Many of our daycare centers are open from 7am to 7pm, and cater for the needs of at-risk children from dysfunctional families.

Emunah has earned its reputation as an outstanding provider of quality early childhood education, by employing a professional and dedicated team of directors, educators, care-givers, social workers and therapists, all of whom contribute in their own unique way to the growth and development of each and every child.

The staff at our day care centers have undergone extensive training on nutrition, with an emphasis on the provision of quality balanced and nutritious meals and educating our children to ensure correct eating habits. 

Multi Purpose Daycare Centers

Within our early childhood education system, Emunah has developed a network of Multi Purpose Day Care Centers. The role of these specialized centers is to provide intensive support to children who come from deprived and disadvantaged homes, and their families. Our multi-purpose are unique in that they offer the following additional services:

  • Extended day - children can be dropped off at 7am and can remain at the center until 7pm. 
  • Children enjoy delicious hot meals, enrichment activities, baths and any other routine needs at the center, returning home in the evening to spend time with their parents before heading for bed. 
  • Support and activities for parents and children to strengthen their parenting skills, improve and restore relationships and to ensure the integrity of the family.
  • Regular monitoring of children’s progress with a team of medical, cognitive, and therapeutic professionals, and intervention when necessary. 

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