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"...painting and sculpting are able to bring to fruition all the spiritual concepts engraved in the depths of the human spirit"
Hamizrach (1903) Rav Avraham Yitzhak Kook

program college

The Emunah Appleman College of Arts & Technology, located in Baka, Jerusalem, offers a unique learning opportunity for religious young women to earn a degree in the fields of: fine arts, graphic design, drama and Holocaust studies, in an environment steeped in Religious Zionist values. The college attracts students from all over the country, with over half residing in nearby college dormitories.

The Emunah Appleman College is comprised of The Florence and Joseph Appleman School for Technical Arts Education and, the College in Memory of Rose Goodstein, which was established over 40 years ago as a Community College in Jerusalem. The College sought to provide women from deprived backgrounds with the means to participate in the economic advancement of their families and, the growing State of Israel. With vocational training in Dental Technology and Early Childhood Education, it became a focal point for the Baka neighborhood, offering a wide variety of outreach programs and a local synagogue.

A Unique Learning Opportunity for Religious Women

Today, it has grown into a unique academic institution, boasting over 500 students. The College is the only place in the world where an observant young woman can earn a degree in the teaching of fine arts, graphic design or, theater studies, while remaining faithful to her religious convictions. The 4 year B.Ed program of career-oriented studies, enables these young women to become economically independent and productive citizens, experts in their field and highly qualified teachers. They are renowned for their professionalism and are indeed sought after by schools, private companies and public institutions throughout Israel.

Financial Assistance

In today's difficult economic climate, more students are finding it impossible to pay full tuition. Emunah is committed to getting them the financial assistance and scholarships they need in order to succeed. No talented student should be turned away because she lacks the funds for an education.

Charlotte Dachs Mechina Program

In addition, within the Appleman College, Emunah operates the Charlotte Dachs Mechina Program, an academic preparatory program, giving new hope to students who could not finish high school due to severe financial and/or personal challenges. This unique program, helps them to prepare for higher education. Every young woman in Israel, regardless of their socio-economic background deserves the opportunity to succeed educationally. Emunah meets this need. 

Emunah College Contact Information

Contact: Amos Safrai
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Derech Bet Lechem 104, Jerusalem

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