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suppliesHooray, Hooray... it’s back to school today!

Remember that first day of school  - The excitement, the fear, the desire to “fit-in”...

Help Emunah Children feel proud and confident as they go back to school this fall. 

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For only $250.00 you can provide a child with:

  • School Books
  • School supplies (Pencils/ pens/ notebooks)
  • A new backpack
  • School uniform and shoes

Make a difference that will last a lifetime!

Every child deserves to be given the best opportunities to succeed in life. Sadly though not every child is born into a warm and loving environment, one which is able to provide the necessary tools to break the cycle of violence and succeed in Israeli society. 

Many of these children will find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances and this is where Emunah steps in.  The children that are placed in our care are very often the lucky ones.  They suddenly find themselves in a safe and healthy atmosphere; they are clothed, cared for and fed with love and are surrounded by top professionals in their fields.

These children who have experienced so much hardship in their short lives deserve nothing but the best that money can buy.  They deserve to go to school on the 1st September with the best tools so that they can feel equal to all the other children in their classes.

With a gift of NIS 1,000 you can provide one of the 500 children in our care with the means to succeed. 

You can help them break the cycle of violence and despair and allow them to reach for the unreachable.

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By contributing to Emunah, you become our partner in providing vital help to thousands of children and families in Israel.

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