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Thursday, 29 January 2015 11:17

Emunah of America welcomed to Israel Rabbi Naftali Besser, staff and 47 Flatbush Yeshiva Students for their 13th Annual Mission

EMUNAH of America welcomed Rabbi Naftali Besser, staff and 47 Flatbush Yeshiva high school students for their 13th Annual Chesed Mission.
Under Rabbi Besser's unique and skillful guidance, each day was filled with Chesed - this group, and the Flatbush Adult Chesed Mission in May is the highlight of the year and reminds everyone they touch just how truly special and beloved this group is!

The group visited the EMUNAH Day Care Center in Neve Yaakov for pre Shabbat festivities with the children and staff. The Flatbush students participated in kabalat Shabbat, helped bake mini challot and played with the kids. The had to check the students as they got back on the bus to make sure they weren't taking the babies home with them!

The students had a great visit with the kids and staff at EMUNAH's Achuzat Sara children's home. The guys from Flatbush had a good time playing soccer and basketball with our kids and the girls made an art project together. The visit to Achuzat Sara ended with a joyous Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration!!

A visit to the the EMUNAH day care center in Mevasseret Zion is always a must for the Flatbush mission. The children loved playing outside and blowing bubbles with our students.
The highlight of the whole trip was the visit to EMUNAH Bet Elazraki children's home. This was most definitely the highlight of the whole trip! The Flatbush students spent the night meeting and talking to the kids and staff and then danced and danced and danced! The visit was so meaningful for everyone and so much fun!

We look forward to Rabbi Besser's return in May with the Adult/ Couples Chesed Mission

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