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Family News, Lapidot Group November 2014


Mazaltov to all our members on their November Smachot

Birth of a granddaughter                 

Nadia Glenville                                                                       

Birth of a great granddaughter                 Birth of a great grandson

Miriam Hauer                                  Pessy Krausz

Iris Spero                                                           Doreen Woolf

Joan Fisher

Edna Cailingold

Freda Steinberg

Barmitzvah of a grandson

Rita Bermann

Frances Israel

Barmitzvah of a great grandson

Frieda Steinberg

Engagement of a granddaughter         

Lesley Aaronberg                                                                                                           

Merle Kreditor


Marriage of a granddaughter             Marriage of a grandson

Merle Kreditor                                                    Vivien Auerbach             

Refuah Shleimah to those of you who are suffering from ill health.

May you have a full and speedy recovery.

Our sincere condolences to Helen Dayan on the loss of her husband Tommy.

May she and her family enjoy long and healthy lives, blessed with many Smachot

To include your news please ring Dinah on 567 1143                Nov. 2014

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