Lights, Glitz and Times Square, New York....what could be better? The Emunah of America Gala Dinner, held Sunday, November 11, at the PlaysStation Theater on Broadway, was the place to be last week.  Attended by more than 500 people,  the event was a true celebration of the power of "Believing in Israel's Future." The evening's activities were a well-balanced mixture of informative, vibrant and upscale, all at-once. Attendees saw and heard passionate stories about Emunah Israel and the tremendous impact it has had on the people of Israel, for over 80 years.  The team, led by Laurie D. Szenicer, Director of Emunah of America, worked tirelessly to assure a good time was had by all!  Guests left the evening committed to joining the  "family" and getting more involved in the vital work of Emunah.

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