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Dozens of student villages have been established in recent years around Israel in which hundreds of university students live and participate in social and volunteer activities in the community, parallel to their studies.

One of the most important villages in this program was established at the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children’s Village in Bnei Brak. a home for  children at risk who have been removed from their homes by the order of Israel's Social Services.

25 students, members of Bnei Akiva have recently moved to Emunah Achuzat Sarah and will create a warm and loving environment for a 100 children from elementary school to High school.

The students tutor the children and manage to create a personal relationship with them, give them a shoulder to cry on, help them with their homework, run activities and try to create a loving and familiar atmosphere.

Ayelet Schussheim, student of Occupational Therapy at Tel Aviv University is starting her second year in the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Students Village: “the student village gave me not only a roof, but the opportunity to give and receive so much”

Sarah Charatz, student of Special Education says: “it’s a warm and welcoming place. Among other things we sit with the children for private lessons and have Shabbatonim together with various social activities throughout the year and we, as adults, learn and receive e a lot from the children”

Summary of Yediot Acharonot Article by Tamar Chaddad


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