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Continuing to highlight the Heroes of Emunah, meet Yehuda Kohn, director of Emunah Bet Saba - Elazraki!
Yehuda Kohn, the director and leader of the children at Bet Elazraki since 1991, is everyone´s father, and the spirit of the home. Yehuda is a trained educator and administrator. He devoted his entire life to working with children and youth at risk.

After serving as a rabbi, educator, and vice principal of the Technological College at Sitrin Youth Village for adolescent boys, he was sent to Brazil by the Department for Diaspora Education & Culture and the Zionist Organization, and then later, in 1991, to Bet Elazraki Children´s.

Yehuda and his wife, Riki, raised five beautiful children of their own, and 180 children from the home. Yehuda´s door is always open to every boy and girl. They are his entire universe. Yehuda is not just a manager and director in his daily routine he wears several "hats". He always plays the part of the kind, compassionate, loving and devoted father, but sometimes he must also be a strict educator who instills values and draws the lines, but mostly Yehuda is the person who gives the children hope. His ability to alternate between these roles while continuing to be loved and respected by the children is astounding.

Yehuda´s motto is always "give them the best”. Whether it´s the most scented fabric softener to fill the children´s homes with a wonderful fragrance, or the most suited tutors and teachers, no matter what the cost, Yehuda only provides our children with the very best. Yehuda´s work at the children´s home is never-ending, uncompromising and unfailing. "You can always give more”, Yehuda likes to say.

Four major functions work alongside Yehuda. They are responsible for the learning, stability and order, emotional-therapeutic, household and hygiene of the children. These four subdivisions provide the children at the home an organized, high-quality life.

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