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Over the last few months, we have suffered the loss of three very dear friends and members of Emunah

Ruth Medding z"l Nina Ormonde z"l Rabbi Emanuel Quint z"l

Ruth Medding zlMy relationship with Ruth goes back nearly 60 years.  I remember dancing at Ruth and Peter’s wedding just a couple of days before my second child Romy was born.  The Meddings made Aliya a number of years before us and welcomed us into their home whenever we came to Israel prior to our own Aliya.

Ruth came from the prestigious Feiglin family. They were one of the pioneering families of the Australian Jewish community, settling first in the rural community of Shepperton before coming to Melbourne. During all that time they kept Yiddishkeit alive and contributed to the development of the Jewish community in Melbourne before and after the influx of holocaust survivors.

Resulting from an accident in her youth Ruth suffered from serious back trouble, but was always cheerful and never complained and continued to be active until her health deteriorated.

Ruth was very active in Emunah in Melbourne and after making Aliya continued her involvement with Emunah and excelled as treasurer of World Emunah for many years.

Her legacy is a wonderful and devoted family – children, grandchildren and great grandchildren - who I am sure will be a source of comfort to her beloved and devoted husband Peter.  We wish them all long life and may Ruth’s memory serve as a role model and inspiration.

Naomi Leibler

Honorary President World Emunah

Nina Ormonde z"l

Nina Ormonde zlA dedicated member and leader of Emunah, first in the UK and after making Aliyah at Bet Elazraki. Nina will be missed by many colleagues, friends and of course, children and graduates.

Known as Grandma Nina’, Nina Ormonde was involved with Emunah for more years that can be counted. First in her native England and since her Aliya together with her husband Mark in 1983 to Netanya, she not only dispensed hugs and kisses, but also taught cooking to the older girls living in Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki. ‘These girls do not have a mother to teach them what are healthy foods and how to cook for a family,’ she used to say. ‘So I come once a week and show them.’

Nina was a dedicated worker and fundraiser. She was instrumental in raising funds for Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki, knew the children by name and worked tirelessly to help produce the annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah party for the children.

She will be missed by her many colleagues, friends and of course, children and graduates.

Rabbi Emanuel Quint z"l

Rabbi Emmanuel Quint zlFollowing is a link to the very moving obituary written by Greer Fay Cashman https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/In-appreciation-Rabbi-Emanuel-Quint-561936

Rabbi Quint z"l a highly respected member of the Emunah Family, is survived by his wife, Rena, his children, Menucha Chwat, Naomi Silverman, Jodi Patt and David Quint, his sister June Koch and his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, in Israel, America and England.


The students of the Pre-Military Academy Emunah Lapidot have completed an intense year of studies.

They will soon join the Army in a various positions, carrying with themselves the values ​​they have absorbed this year, confidence in their ability and their desire to contribute and take responsibility in the Israeli society.





The girls made a clip as part of a music project - a song that the girls themselves composed and recorded.

Click the picture to see the clip!


After a long and hard year the staff and bnot sherut on the Emunah Centre in Afula went on a fun day together, to relax, have a good time and say goodbye to staff who are moving on. This is the video of their tiyul. The soundtrack is an original song, written and composed by the amazingly talented Eden Nagado, who has just graduated from the home and heading for the IDF.



Click the picture to watch the video!


Some of the lyrics:

There’s a place
where we can feel comfortable
to where we aren’t afraid to escape
A little strength
And I have a place
where we can feel comfortable, where
we’ll be free
we’ll be happy

Let’s escape to our place
We have everything there
We’ll love more than anything….

Don’t be frightened
We have all the time in the world…

Moriah College Sydney had a tzedaka project to collect school supplies, and make up 50 pencil case packs for the children of Emunah Afula . Local businesses also helped with donations of goods . What a treat for the coming school year. Dennis, my husband is taking the stash as his 2nd piece of luggage on his trip for a family wedding in Israel at thes end of the month

After a recent multi-stop visit to the South of Israel Judy Cohen Vice President accompanied by Frieda Ross Associate Director of World Emunah, wrote the following report. 

Our first stop was at the multi-purpose Daycare Center in Kiryat Gat the Director was delightful, very welcoming and informative.  The center is located in a low socio-economic neighborhood and although the building is old, as usual for an Emunah project, it was spotless, the staff impress with their love of the children, and the calm way they handle them.  The center cares for 90 children from the ages of 3 months to 3 years.  In addition, close to 20 first grade children come to the center after school for lunch and afternoon activities. We noted that despite the obvious age of the center, it looks bright and welcoming. We were happy to hear that registration for next year is full.

Then to the Emunah Neve Landy Children's Village, where we met with Pazit, the head social worker and Shoham the educational director. Pazit gave a very good explanation of the setup, the boys, the therapies, the needs and the dreams for the future. We toured the campus and met a number of boys who were packing up to go home for the month of August. We went into the houses and saw how the kitchen although small, is able to cater for children and staff alike. Among the many dreams for the future, we heard the wish to build another storey onto the therapy wing, to increase the number of rooms needed for therapies and the wish to have a much bigger hall for eating, davening, and a space for holding events together. Pazit would like to see the petting zoo and greenhouse areas increased, a fully equipped music room and, of course, to have a cover over the sports field.

We talked about the change of policy of the Ministry of Welfare who believe that younger children should live with foster parents and not enter residential care until they are older. Pazit feels this is a mistake as the kind of environment they experience in Neve Landy is far more stabilizing and allows the boys to build much better relationships in a secure and loving environment, which can cater for all the therapies in one place.

We then went to visit the two Batei Bogrim and were very impressed by both and the idea behind their establishment. Here the boys have the opportunity to live together in a different environment from Neve Landy but with all the backup and support.

Then onto The Ronson Crisis and Intervention Center in Sderot. Director, Tammy Beck was great. She is so very calm and we commented that the building is an oasis of complete tranquility which is palpable. She explained everything that goes on in that very small space and how vital their work is for the community of Sderot and from the surrounding areas. We then visited the site of the proposed new Center. It is a very large plot and with the help of the plans one can see what a wonderful project will emerge. It is in the middle of an area of Sderot, which is being developed.

We finished the day by going up to the Black Arrow monument and looking down onto Gaza and the area around it. We saw some burnt fields and a plume of smoke near Gaza. Otherwise, total quiet and very sobering to see how very close the area is to Sderot and the coastal strip. We also saw a TV crew, cameras set up, waiting for action!! Otherwise deserted!

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