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Tsahal Soldiers bring joy to Emunah children

Than you so much to the Shaldag Special Force Unit Soldiers who took the time to come and visit our students in Emunah Afula's Children's Home. They are Israel's Elite. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your stories with us.  Your simplicity and your kindness are so inspiring to our children.  [Read More]



Mazal tov Shalev !

Barmitsva Censored 1
Emunah's Neve Michael Director David Friedman celebrated with Shalev who received his first pair of tefilin and got called up to the Torah in the synagogue for the first time. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration is a most meaningful event in the lives of the children. Emunah's Neve Michael's staff members are privileged... [Read More]



Emunah Zurich creates light for Emunah children

Img 6540
Emunah Zurich organized a warm creative day for the community: whilst parents were enjoying a delicious brunch, children were expressing their creativity during a traditional candle confection workshop. Lots of fun which will hopefully add much light in the Jewish homes of Switzerland. In their recent High Holidays campaign, Emunah... [Read More]



The Hannukah Miracle of Neve Michael

As we celebrate the Hannukah holiday, also known as the "Festival of Lights", I would like to share an amazing story about a newborn baby, called Orit, who is bringing endless light and happiness to so many people. *Rivka arrived over 30 years ago to Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Home... [Read More]



Emunah America Dinner

Lights, Glitz and Times Square, New York....what could be better? The Emunah of America Gala Dinner, held Sunday, November 11, at the PlaysStation Theater on Broadway, was the place to be last week.  Attended by more than 500 people,  the event was a true celebration of the power of "Believing... [Read More]



Emunah Montreal Dinner

Photo 2018 11 08 01 58 14
Emunah Montreal is directing the proceeds of their recent Gala Dinner to Emunah Israel's innovative social clowning program. While medical clowning is well established internationally – including in Canada – social clowning is something new. Medical clowns typically make one-time visits to sick kids in hospital. These social clowns have... [Read More]



A student village in the heart of Emunah

Student Village As
Dozens of student villages have been established in recent years around Israel in which hundreds of university students live and participate in social and volunteer activities in the community, parallel to their studies. One of the most important villages in this program was established at the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children’s... [Read More]



British Emunah's 85th Anniversary Dinner

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British Emunah's 85th Anniversary Dinner took place recently in London and attracted a record of over 400 guests who heard lavish praise for the organisation and the vital role it plays in Israeli society from the country's Ambassador in the UK , Mark Regev. Before proceedings commenced the guests stood... [Read More]



Emunah - Building the Future

The opening of the new Emunah Daycare Center in Efrat (Tamar Neighbourhood). Mezuzot were fixed by the Rav haRashi of Efrat, Rav Shlomo Riskin, in the presence of Liora Minka President of Emunah Israel and Oded Revivi, the Head of the city council. We all wish hazlacha raba to the amazing team! ... [Read More]



Kol Hanearim volunteers at Emunah Children's Homes

Img 20170706 Wa0005 Small
Kol Hanearim volunteers are creating a huge buzz at Emunah Homes.  These amazing young people from the US and Canada are part of a unique program run in cooperation with Emunah of America and Emunah Canada and World Emunah.  The volunteers are staying in Emunah Afula, Emunah Neve Michael and... [Read More]



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