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20161220 emunah graduate swatThis is Artium Rachamimov, a graduate of Emunah's Sarah Herzog Children’s Center in Afula and now an NCO in the Israel police's elite Yasam unit (a regional SWAT). Like so many of our children Artium had to overcome so many challenges but as you can see,  with the support of Emunah,  has done well and is another Emunah Afula success.  And why did he come by? To hand out invitations to his wedding. Artium is here in the picture with the amazing Chaim Ben Sasson,  Emunah Afula's senior educational coordinator.

Emunah Neve Michael Sulamot MusiciansHappy 80th birthday to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra tonight.  Musicians from the Emunah Neve Michael Sulamot (musical scales) program were on stage to show off their prowess,  and especially Gabi,  our star saxophonist,  who played Happy Birthday to this iconic Israeli institution. Knocked 'm dead.....

2016 emunah afula londonNow I'm posting I would like to share with you some wonderful photos from the recent Emunah Afula kids trip to London. 16 children from Emunah's Sarah Herzog Children's Centre in Afula accompanied by 4 members of staff came to London to stay with host families and to see the sights. It was Ab activity packed week - full of excitement and exhaustion in equal measure. The kids returned safely to Afula last week and all of us here in London who had the pleasure to meet them are left with some unforgettable memories.  Here are a few photos to show what we got up to!

2016 emunah fun runOn Friday almost 100 boys and girls, together with the fittest staff members from the Emunah Neve Michael Children’s Village, came out in full force to participate in the Emek Hefer fun run, running races of 2,5 & kms.  How impressive and empowering! The team was let by Director of Residential Services, Yechiam Cherlow who will also be leading a (much smaller) team of children who will be running the Miami Marathon on January 29,  together with the Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki delegation. Go Team Emunah!

2016 emunah registration riseIt's registration time at High Schools throughout Israel,  and many schools compete for the best students.  Last year the number of students at Emunah's Neve Sarah Herzog in Bnei Brak grew by 10% and the school continues to innovate and offer a unique curriculum.  This ad was in this weekend's edition of Makar Rishon, the leading weekly of the religious Zionist community in Israel,  inviting parents and students to open house days at Emunah Neve Sarah.  The school offers the following streams: biomedical studies,  biology,  art and design, cinema and dance.  And their slogan - "excellence with neshama".

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