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The Bnei and Bnot Mitzvah of Emunah Afula Children's Center on a special trip to Yerushalayim with their parents and caring staff.
Believe it or not - there are two children in the group who are new to Emunah Afula and have never been to the Kotel before.


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This is Inbal, one of the Emunah Afula Bnot Mitzvah, with her mother. Astoundingly, this is the first time that Inbal and her mother have visited the old city and particularly the Jewish Quarter. They did so today, thanks to Emunah. This is a memory that they will treasure together and another stone in Inbal's Kotel - the foundation she's able to built for her future thanks to the dedication of Emunah Afula.

The Jewish News:

Leeds-based retailer Jonny Gould
 was the first Team Emunah member to pass the finish line followed by accountant Marc Jackson. The other members were Leeds council worker Claire Gothelf; solicitor David Bondt, accountant Roey Freilich and marathon veteran Flora Frank

In Israel, Emunah is one of the largest care providers and supports over 12,000 children daily through its network of centres and services.

“It was an amazing day and I was very happy with my time [3:49:50],” said Jonny Gould, 42, the boss of Monster Pet Supplies.  Mr Gould ran the 2015 race for Leeds Welfare Board and this was his first London Marathon for Emunah. “Having my family there gave me a real boost – experience told me to slow down and enjoy, which is what I did. Doing the marathon is special – it makes you feel that England’s great. Thank you Emunah for giving me the opportunity to support a great cause [helping vulnerable children in Israel].”
Accountant Marc Jackson, 48, finished in 3:59:52, saying: “It’s a fantastic experience with people playing music and the crowds cheering you on. The last six miles were a bit challenging and you realise it is as much about mental energy as physical effort.  I was glad and relieved to finish.” The Edgware resident ran for Emunah in 2015 and also did the Paris Marathon 2016. He was spurred on by his wife Wendy Jackson, who runs the Emunah on eBay online charity shop.  

Leeds City Council worker Claire Gothelf “got to six miles and I wanted to pack it in – it was so hard. I started off too quickly but I did it [in 5:19:13] and there was a huge sense of satisfaction. I was running in memory of my dad, Harvey Gothelf, who passed away earlier this year and had a picture of him on my back.” This year her proud mum Margaret Gothelf, a long-term supporter of Emunah, came to London to cheer her daughter on.  Claire also ran for Emunah in 2015.  She runs every day – “I like the challenge… They all know me around Leeds, the lady with the sun glasses and the pink lipstick.”

Two first-time runners took longer than expected due to injury and the number of runners. Prestwich-based solicitor David Bondt, 33, set off with accountant Roey Freilich, 28, (ex-Hendon) from Broughton Park, finishing in in 5:09:09 and 5:31:28 respectively. “The training app on my phone showed I had actually done 28 miles – the first five miles were ok and then it was tough as you had to weave in and out – and at times you had to walk,” said David Bondt (originally from Barnet). “Things sped up again and I was sprinting but I had to stop and talk to Roey as he was injured.  We ran part of the way arm in arm and then he [bravely] carried on. The crowd was amazing and the sun was shining – it was a good day and I would highly recommend it. 
Emunah’s David Bondt and Roey Freilich,

“I’m carrying on a family tradition of supporting Emunah – I was with my [late] grandma Irene when they opened the Beit Bondt building at the Emunah Family Counselling and Day Care Centre in Netivot.”  Great grandmother and Jewish educator, Flora Frank, competes under the Norwood banner while also raising funds for Emunah. She finished in 6:41:07. 

British Emunah Director Deborah Nathan said: “I am truly grateful to our runners for completing the marathon course and for their unbelievable efforts in raising funds. Their achievements will be doubly rewarded with the match funding that Emunah in Israel has secured for the refurbished dormitory building in Afula. We’d love to hear from anyone wanting to run the London Marathon 2018 for Emunah.”

Giving Back to the Community

It is so important for our children at  Emunah's Neve Michael to not only receive, but to give back to the community.
Our house mother Zviah brings groups of children to the homes of Holocaust survivors in the Pardes Hana area on a weekly basis. In addition, there are 3 Holocaust survivors in the Shoham Geriatric Center that also benefit from the kind visits of Emunah Neve Michael's children.
Our boys and girls have helped the elderly survivors with many of their household needs and more importantly have warmed their hearts. Our children recently worked together with the survivors to plant a beautiful garden, The Garden of Life, which is now a landmark on the grounds of the Children's Village.
At Emunah's Neve Michael, we impart to our children that Chesed, the performance of good deeds, is vital for their development as growing boys and girls who will someday be expected to partake in such activities as responsible adults in the Jewish community. Our children help out in Chesed projects by preparing and distributing food parcels for needy families in the area.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

This year there are 23 children  ( 13 girls and 10 boys ) who will be celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a festive celebration on June 15, 2017.
The Bar/Bar Mitzvah Program is composed of three parts: weekly lectures, monthly trips and a festive celebration at the end of the school year. This entire program is covered by kindness and generosity of our kind supporters.

Every month we hire a bus and a tour guide to take the children on a full day tour that includes lunch in a restaurant. Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah children are exposed to the rich history of Israel while visiting new places such as Tsfat, Mazada, Haifa, Ariel, Beit Shearim and more. The highlight is the trip to Jerusalem and to the Kotel.

Trip to Haifa

Emunah's Neve Michael B'nei Mitzvah children visited a museum in Haifa and walked on the hanging bridge in the Nesher Park which covers an area of 200 dunams and is located on the northern side of the Carmel Mountain, south of the town of Nesher. The main feature of the park is a seventy-meter suspension bridge that spans a seasonal winter river- Nahal Katia.

Trip to Bet She'arim

Under Roman rule Bet  She'arim was an important Jewish settlement, but its name and renown spread during the period of the Mishna and Talmud (in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE). Bet  She'arim was a great center of Torah study, and became famous mainly thanks to Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, who settled there. Known simply as "Rabbi", he was the head of the Sanhedrin, a religious and spiritual authority, but also a political leader and a leading, charismatic figure in the Jewish world of the time.

Emunah's Neve Michael Children in Concert with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra
Towards the end of 2016, 53 children from the "Scales" project in Emunah's Neve Michael participated in a concert in the Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv celebrating 80 years of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra together with the their famous Music Director Miestro, Zubin Mehta.

Another 17 children from Emunah's Neve Michael also attended the concert.
In the picture, you can see the children practicing before the concert.
For Emunah's Neve Michael's underprivileged boys and girls who rose from the periphery of Israeli society, it was a moment they will cherish a lifetime.

yadWe are very proud that Tamar Bodner, a student of The Emunah Florence and Joseph Appleman College of Art and Technology in Jerusalem created this winning poster for Yad Vashem , Yom Hashoah 2017.

Tamar Bodner won first place, beating out over 400 other graphic designers from all over the world.

The face of the child represents her grandfather who is a survivor of the death camps and the numbers on the poster are those that were tattooed onto the arm of Tamar's grandmother, also a survivor.

This innovative and intricate work showcases the talents of our Emunah students and graduates and their tremendous contributions to the world of art.

Kol Hakavod!

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