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British Emunah:

The event was held in conjunction with Kinloss Shul in London. It was a pre- Shavuot Brunch with cheesecake making and flower arranging demonstrations. Up to 50 women attended the successfull event, many of them young and new to Emunah.

Great Success!

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Emunah Australia:

Pre-Shavuot healthy alternatives food demo in Sydney!

                                                     2017 05 27 PHOTO 000008602017 05 27 PHOTO 000008602017 05 27 PHOTO 00000860


Emunah Canada:

Pre-Shavuot Bake Sale in Montreal!

                                                            2017 05 30 PHOTO 00000880   2017 05 30 PHOTO 00000880   2017 05 30 PHOTO 00000878


shiraGreat news from the Emunah Torah and Arts High School in Jerusalem. By clicking on the link you will see an article in Hebrew published on Mynet, the local news channel of our biggest news website Ynet. The story is about Shira Yissachar, a 12th grade student at the school, whose self-potrait in oil colours on wood, has been chosen for an exhibition at the Hamidrasha Gallery, a leading centre for the fine arts, culture and education in Tel Aviv. In the article Shira shares that "in my childhood I experienced challenges and over the years I learned to deal with them. Only now, can I look back upon my childhood and see the big picture that represents that journey I managed to make, I now have the courage to stand in front of myself...This painting allows me to look at my childhood from both a distance and from close up". Another wonderful success of Emunah, in general, and the staff of the unique Ulpenat Emunah Torah and Arts High School under the leadership of Nurit Merari. 


World Emunah is proud to be a partner in the Third Jerusalem Unity day

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Together, we are stronger than what divides us.

Jerusalem Unity Day was founded in loving memory of Eyal Ifrach z”l, Naftali Fraekel z’l, and Gil-Ad Shael z”l, the three boys who were kidnapped and brutally murdered in the summer of 2014.

The Day was established by their parents and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, to continue nurturing the Achdut - Unity and Love expressed by the entire Jewish people during those 18 days of uncertainty… Jerusalem Unity Day’s goal is to help foster a conscious goal of working toward wholeness, and looking beyond our differences to what UNIFIES US as a people. It is imperative to our very survival as a nation, to understand that what divides us is insignificant in comparison to what we hold in common.

That diversity is our strength, and a strength that we actualize only when we respect and accept that we are not the same – and that we are all the better for it.

On Unity Day, come as you are –



Unity day


Last week was the offiicial opening of the new Emunah Day Care Center in the Tushia, a moshav only 10km from the Gaza border. Participants in the World Emunah Convention will remember our visit to the Tushia/ Kfar Maimon Center, built as a "safe building", and enabling activities to continue as normal and keeping the children and staff safe,  even in the event of a rocket attack.

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