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BE1The Magnificent 18! are 18 impressive boys and girls who are graduating this week Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki. This is the largest number of graduates from the home in a single year ever and we wish them every success in their army and national service.





usa2Emunah of America went OVER THE EDGE on Sunday June 11, calling on all those with Emunah to prove it. Our Chief Development Officer in New York, Laurie Szenicer, was one of the almost 50 people who put their lives on the zip line, on behalf of the children and families served by Emunah in Israel. Talk about being dedicated to the job. Emunah of America’s Associate Director of Special Events, Alana Karp, another of our Emunagizer Bunnies (we have so many terrific people around the world), not only rose (or should I say lowered) to the challenge but showed others the way, by raising her own sponsorships – all whilst working day and night to make this event happen. Kol Hakavod to Team Emunah of America for pulling off this high-profile event.

On Monday 25 Kfir combat soldiers came to Emunah Neve Michael to volunteer with the children! They made the kids a "Yom Sport" / Sports Day. 

The children all had a fun time playing games with the soldiers and spending time with them. The commander, Shlomie said " I know that a few of my soldiers come from very difficult family backgrounds. One of my soldiers came over to me and said " This place is a Paradise. You can see the love and caring on the faces of each staff member. And the children! They are happy and well cared for."

Special thank you to Educational Director, Yechiam for making this happen.                                                                                                                                                               


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We wish a huge Mazal Tov to our Bnei and Benot Mitzvah at Emunah Bet Elazraki and Emunah Afula Children's Homes!

We are very proud and wish them a future full of brachot and success!


Emunah Afula




Emunah Bet Elazraki

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