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When you have a dream and you have faith, sometimes there just happens to be someone who wants to help you fulfill this dream.

Thanks to the amazing couple Tiran and Pnina, this modern cake baking kitchen was established, with all the necessary electrical appliances and confectionery tools - and our dream was fulfilled.

Chen, our wonderful patisserie chef, dreamt this dream together with her husband Menachen: to teach the children here at Emunah Afula to learn a trade, and then start and run a business.

Thank you to all our sweet little workers and to everyone who has helped with this festive opening of “Sweet-Heart” 


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As part of the International Shabbat Project, Emunah France held a Challah Bake. An overwhelming 550 women joined together, sang, danced and prayed together while baking challah. World Emunah Director Shlomo Kessel and Associate Director Frieda Ross spoke to the huge crowd and compared Emunah's special recipe for helping the thousands in our care to the recipe for Challah, which brings joy to the Shabbat table.

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                              Frieda Ross, Shlomo Kessel, Sheli Cress, Robert Ajnes                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rabbi Kassabi Rabbi of Bologne and the Chief Rabbi of France


The Emunah National Council of English Speaking Chapters in Israel

invites you to the

2018 National Volunteers’ Day Gala Luncheon


 on Wednesday January 31st 2018


 With Guest Speaker

Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner


Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is founder and president of Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center, a Tel Aviv law firm at the forefront of fighting terrorism that utilizes court systems around the world to pursue the legal offensive against Israel’s enemies.  She has led and won a number of major legal cases against terror organizations, resulting in more than $2 billion in judgments and collecting $200 million in compensation for victims of terror.

In 2015, her Law Center won a historic $655 million judgment in federal court holding the PLO and the Palestinian Authority liable for a number of suicide bombings perpetrated during the Second Intifada. In the same year, Shurat HaDin also won a $330 million judgment against North Korea.

Amongst numerous other initiatives, Mrs. Darshan-Leitner, has assisted in blocking Gaza Flotillas, filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing terror incitement on its platform, halted efforts to indict IDF soldiers for war crimes, and filed legal actions against those illegally boycotting Israeli academics and companies.

Mrs. Darshan-Leitner, a mother of six, including a set of triplets, holds a law degree from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from Manchester University. She is regularly quoted in the international media as an authority on terror financing. In 2012, she was chosen as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel by the Globes financial magazine.

Where: Vitrage Hall, Ness Ziona

Kabbalat Panim and Craft Fair from 10.30 a.m.

Programme commences at 12 noon

Donation NIS 130 including delicious meat meal

 (or vegetarian if booked in advance)

Men and women, members and non-members welcome


Please book with Evelynne Goldman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call 08 9456264

afula homeThe Emunah Children’s Center in Afula is a unique home away from home for more than 150 of Israel’s most vulnerable and endangered children, placed in care by Child Protective Services.

Before coming to Emunah Afula many of our children have experienced a great deal of suffering, maltreatment and even physical and sexual abuse, often at the hands of the very people who children should be able to trust without hesitation, their own parents. Emunah Afula strives to be a safe haven, providing our children with a secure and nurturing environment in which to flourish and grow up without fear.

Unfortunately, long term government funding constraints have forced us to make a painful Solomonic choice year after year. Do we invest in fulfilling the emotional, educational, social and medical well being of our children, or do we invest in the upkeep of their living facilities? In a perfect world, we should be able to do both, but this world is far from being perfect.Today, our boys who live in the oldest building on the campus, 68 years old, appeal to you to invest in their quality of life. We ask you to support our efforts to refurbish their home sweet home and ensure that in addition to great care, they enjoy comfortable and respectable living conditions. Most kids take it for granted……why shouldn’t they? 

All funds donated to this important project will be matched by a local Israeli foundation, packing “more bang for your buck!”

The total cost of this project is $500,000 and this campaign is to raise the final $250,000.

Please click here to partner with us to make our children's lives better!

britBritish Emunah are preparing for The EMUNAH BIG DROP. Anybody in London on July 2, is invited to abseil down the ArcelorMittal Orbit, to raise exposure and funds for our projects, and particular the urgent campaign to renovate the veteran Beit Rothschild Residential Building, almost 69 years old and counting!

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