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Happy Purim from Emunah's Children!



For the second year in a row, a student from the graphic arts department at Emunah's College of Art & Technology won first place in Yad Vashem's annual contest for the Holocaust Memorial Poster.
Hundreds of artists from all over Israel and the world competed. 
The name of the student is Bat El Atar.
This year's theme, in honor of the 70th anniversary was The Integration of Holocaust Survivors to the Establishment of the State of Israel.
Bat El's minimalist poster cuts right to the heart of the subject. Her poster depicts two stars- the yellow star of David that Jews in Europe were forced to wear during the Holocaust and the blue Star of David, represented on the flag of Israel as the symbol of our rebirth and endurance. The stars are halves and unconnected to invite the conversation in this "open space" of the connection between the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel.
Kol hakavod to Bat El Atar and to the dedicated staff at the Emunah College.

Did you know that Emunah has many English-Speaking Chapters across Israel? These groups of dedicated volunteers come together for social activities and tirelessly raise funds to help disadvantaged children.
The Emunah Netanya Group recently raised money to buy new summer clothes and shoes for needy children at a local Emunah centre. Kol Hakavod to Netanya and all the English - Speaking groups for what you do!
Get in touch to find out if there's an existing group near you or to start a new one!

"One myth about prostitution is that they make a lot of money, or that it’s about choice,” says attorney Nitzan Kahana at the “Ima Anochi Betzara” conference, the first public event sponsored by the recently formed Religious Coalition for the Struggle against Prostitution.

THE CONFERENCE featured posters created by students from the religious Emunah Appleman College of Arts and Technology in Jerusalem.

“I was in shock after learning the facts about prostitution,” recalled Shaked Perez, a second-year student at the college, who spoke to In Jerusalem. “I went home and began reading the witness statements, and felt that I needed to do something.”

Perez produced a series of three posters, each with the theme of a child’s game, to draw attention to the seriousness of the topic, and that so many children are involved.

“My goal was to get the message out more gently,” explained Perez; “for viewers to be shocked, but still be able to look at the images.”


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