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Eleven months ago I made Aliyah from Mexico City. When I made the decision to move to Israel, part of my family was worried but mainly proud of me.

Although I knew that I was taking a big step by myself I must admit that I thought that it would be easier.  Here I have learnt to make the most of my time and have also learnt that in Israel you have to fight to achieve something.

When I first came here I needed to learn Hebrew so I attended Ulpan classes.

After that I decided I wanted to study to get a degree. For a while I couldn’t find any university that met my expectations. Thanks to a friend of mine I learnt about the Emunah Appleman College of Art and Technology in Jerusalem. I was very excited to find a place that had the curriculum of studies and the values I was looking for: professional studies of art, graphic design and education combined with Torah studies in a religious Jewish environment.

I strongly believe that it was hashgacha pratit that my friend saw the ad of the Emunah College in a newspaper because here I feel fulfilled, the staff and my classmates support me at all times and help me even if I don’t ask for assistance.

Here at the Emunah College there is mutual support between the students and the atmosphere is not competitive. We all make sure that everyone has the chance to succeed.

Emunah also provides support to its students, I received a scholarship from Emunah and it was really emotional to see how the organization cares for us, and helps us in all the ways it can.

I was very surprised to learn about all the work Emunah does around Israel. I wasn’t aware of the Emunah daycare centers, children’s homes, high schools, counselling centers and more.

I have learnt that Emunah does its best to enhance everyone’s talents and passions to get the best out of everyone so that we are able to speak out for ourselves, express our feelings and convey our message.

I thank my family for supporting me all the time Hashem for guiding me and the Emunah College for pushing me to follow my dreams and keep growing.

Sharon Steinberg, student at the Emunah Appleman College of Art and Technology, Graphic Design Department

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