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After many months of preparation we all enjoyed a very successful fundraiser –  in aid of the Achuzat Sara Children’s Home Bnei Brak! All the boxes were ticked: the vibe was great; speaker Dr Yael Joffe, PhD RD FACN, had the attention of the audience and the food was in sync with the subject – nutrition with a twist, hence “NEW-TRITION FOR THE NEW AGE”. I.e. Bespoke dietetics through precision medicine – one size no longer fits all. To find an adequate analogy, if you build a house – you have plans; if you go on a roadtrip – you take a map or use a GPS…so when you go on diet you need to know your genetic make-up [DNA: test inner cheek swab]!

An audience of about 180 enjoyed an interesting morning listening to guest speaker Dr Yael Joffe, PhD RD FACN on the subject of nutrigenomics; Rabbi M. Liebenberg delivered a short D’var Torah and our MC Heather Blumenthal held it all together professionally for us.

An awareness of Emunah was thus created. People came away inspired and uplifted!

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