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Oshrat and her Teacher
Oshrat Malka, Scholarship Awardee, and her proud teacher

On Monday morning, February 20, the auditorium at Emunah Appleman College of Arts & Technology was packed with young ladies and Emunah Leaders, excited to hear who the winners of the Rabbinit Sarah Herzog Scholarship Fund for 2017, would be!

Nearly 70 students were awarded this prestigious scholarship.  Nominees are chosen for their expressed desire to advance themselves academically and, ultimately, to acquire professional training and a vocation, empowering them to become self-sufficient and productive adults. Additionally, the young ladies are known for their “Chessed” and willingness to help others, in need.



20170306 letterTo all the kind donors,

I want to say thank you very very much to all of you for your help and donations, thank you for being awesome and helping others.

Thank you very much for helping and giving me the strength to finish my studies with the right foot and Beezrat Hashem, may God send you double, thank you for being good people, it’s not obvious. You are wonderful people!

Thank you thank you and again thank you so much!!

I appreciate it a lot,

The student Oshrat Malka,

Bet Weinstein, Bnei Brak J <3 


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