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Emunah High SchoolsBelieving in the excellence of education, Emunah operates four highly regarded High Schools in Israel. Many of our students are of immigrant families from Ehtiopia or the former Soviet Union, and live in low socio-economic neighborhoods. 

The Emunah High Schools are best known for their wide variety of courses, which include: art, drama, music, technology, bio-medical engineering, computers and Torah studies. Our dedicated teaching staff utilize innovative and engaging pedagogical methods to develop the appropriate curriculum for each student, including, additional tutoring and support, when needed. 

The overwhelming majority of Emunah graduates complete their "bagrut", full high school matriculation, and enlist in community-based national service or, serve in the IDF. Graduates are later encouraged to pursue higher education, often, with Emunah’s financial support.

Following is a list of Emunah High Schools, and their contact information.

Marilyn Cole & Francis Zusman-Sina Emunah High School for Torah and the Arts
Ben Zakai 33, Jerusalem
Nurit Marari

Emunah Elisheva High School
Pardes Hanna
Riki Bugnim

Emunah Neve Sarah Herzog High School (Necha Sara Wolfson)
Genichovsky 8, Bnei Brak
Chanah Tessler
03-618-3806, 052-618-7037

Beit Weinstein High School
Esther Hamalka 8, Bnei Brak
Michal Frank

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