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emunah adopt child“I feel so alone…so isolated. I have no family to go to.”

“Where do I go for Shabbat or the Holidays? I need a home to go to.”

“People don’t understand I'm only 18… I have no parents, no home, no one to guide me. sometimes I just cry at night because I’m afraid…”

The Emunah children’s villages have HEARD our children. We heard and saw the emotional trauma our children confront when they graduate from our residential Centers and are no longer a part of the Emunah family or, anyone’s family. The day they graduate from high school, our children are abandoned again, this time by the system – the government, social services……..


Emunah has found the solution for our graduates who need a stable, supportive environment to assist them in transitioning into young adulthood. Through the creative development of the “GRAD PADS,” our residential graduates will receive the following:

  • A clean, safe room and comfortable living quarters, shared by 6-8 roommates, in a Grad Pad apartment
  • A supportive, loving “house mother” who will oversee the ongoing care of the facility, while, maintaining regular contact with the residents and ensuring that their daily physical and emotional needs are being met (meals, laundry and inter-personal relations).
  • Guidance and assistance in navigating the bureaucratic, financial, academic and social services system.
  • The ongoing support, encouragement and professional services of the Emunah Center’s staff, which has been their family, while living at the Center.

To help the residents achieve independence and maturity, they will be expected to take an active role in the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the GRAD PAD apartments, by making a financial contribution determined by their respective incomes.

Your generous investment today will assure that our children are not abandoned at 18, but will have the love and support they desperately need to grow into healthy, productive adults.

Project Costs


Rent per apartment per year $9,000
Utilities and taxes $6,500
Food and household needs $5,000
Furniture and equipment
(one time investment)


House Mother – salary

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