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Bet Shemesh Day Care Center - General Info

Bet Shemesh Day care center

80 children in the center from 3 months to 2.9 years

Parents come from varied background and various religious levels from within the Bet Shemesh area.  Both parents must be working to be able to receive a place in an Emunah DCC.  A small percentage of the children come from single parent families. 

In the DCC there are 15 staff members.

DCC puts special emphasis on speech development and motor skill development.  The entire program is built on a basis of religious Zionism including daily prayers, mitzvah charts, and a curriculum of Jewish holidays and values.  Children can get additional help in areas they are slow in developing, including difficulty eating, and delayed speech and delayed walking.

The majority of the parents in the DCC do not pay full tuition. Many of them get help from Emunah, National Insurance, or even from the Welfare Department. 

Most children graduate the DCC and continue their education in state run kindergartens.  There are always a few children who struggle to succeed in main stream, and these children are referred to a special education program.

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