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Caring for children at risk since 1949, the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Center is a therapeutic residential and day care program in Afula, Israel providing a warm and nurturing home-away-from home for up to 180 children aged 5 to 18, who now call the Center their home.

The children, who have experienced neglect, abuse, and trauma, are now woken in the morning by caring and loving caregivers, are able to sleep at night without fear, to dream without having nightmares, to play safely and to enjoy their childhood knowing that adults can be kind and nurturing. Thousands of very special children have changed their lives for the better with the support of the Emunah Center, our staff, and generous supporters.

Referred to the Center by Child Protection Services, our children have unique and significant needs — school supplies and books, extra-curricular activities, emotional therapies, birthday gifts, pocket money, clothing, and all the ordinary things other children take for granted. Israeli Government funding covers only half of what it costs to care for the children.

Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Center offers:

  • Innovative Treatment Programs
  • Therapeutic Residential Home
  • Semi–Residential Community After–School Care
  • “Keeping Them Off the Street” - After–School Club for Young Teens
  • “One Happy Family” - Empowerment and Support for Parents
  • “Emunotes” – Performing Musical Ensemble
  • “Emunah Creative Arts” - Youth Business Initiative


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