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A warm home in the heart of the south

Neve Landy Children’s Village is located in Even Shmuel, a moshav (agricultural settlement) in the south of Israel, adjacent to the city of Kiryat Gat and less than 25 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. Neve Landy is residential home to 76 boys at risk aged 6-16, and for many serves as an alternative or last resort intervention for boys who would otherwise require psychiatric hospitalization or following hospitalization. All of our children are placed by municipal social services, the large majority from local southern communities. Many display a variety of behavioral problems, learning disabilities and complex emotional difficulties. The children suffer from ongoing PTSD and require a diverse range of intensive therapeutic interventions - amongst others, horticultural therapy, sand-pit therapy, animal assisted therapy and art therapy. The therapeutic team at Neve Landy also includes two psychologists and a psychiatrist.
Neve Landy is held in extremely high regard by the Israeli Department of Child Protective Services.

Since the majority of our children lived in seriously dysfunctional homes and unstable families before being placed at Neve Landy, it’s of great importance to create a stable environment and to provide a regular but stimulating daily program to our children. This routine has a very positive calming and stabilizing effect on the functioning of our children, whilst the stimulating program provides welcome enriching activities to keep them occupied. This extra-mural program may include music, woodworking, sea scouts, breakdance, field trips, taekwondo, reading and story hours, model airplane building, sports, art, computers and additional activities.

Neve Landy strives to provide a nurturing accepting home to all who reside or work there – both children and staff. Our home constitutes a safe and protect place that allows the child to flourish and grow emotionally and cognitively. Neve Landy enables our team members to work in a secure environment, confident in his or her ability to enable each of our children to fulfill his or her potential.

Neve Landy is a therapeutic environment that combines a stable way of life with a traditional education instilling Israeli values and Jewish daily life practices. Our goal is to fulfill the children’s physical, cognitive, educational and emotional needs of our children.

The following are an example of our primary professional principles and practices:

  • We see our staff as our primary and most significant therapeutic and educational resource, and aim to provide our team members with the emotional support and professional training they require to perform an excellent job.
  • Neve Landy emphasizes the importance of including the children’s families in their day to day lives wherever possible, and staff invest a great deal of time and effort to maintain daily contact with parents, siblings and other family members. Parents are involved in all major decisions and invited to visit routinely and to participate in birthdays and special events.
  • The maintenance and care of our campus, the children’s residences, the playground and all public areas is paramount to their happiness and healthy development.
  • Neve Landy is an integral part of and actively involved in the local community.

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