Dina was born in 1943 in Tel Aviv to her parents Batya and Yeshayahu Zamir, who arrived in ISrael from Germany in 1936. Dina Hahn is married to Adv. Arie Hahn, former Secretary General of the Knesset. They have 5 children, all married and living in Israel. Dina has a BA degree in Economics and Statistics, an MA in Economics, as well as being a Lawyer. Dina served in the Nahal Brigade of the I.D.F. as a member of the Bnei Akiva Garin Merchavim.

Between 1974 – 1998 Dina worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, teaching courses in Economics, Statistics, Urban Economics and Environmental Law.

After early retirement from the world of academia Dina served from 2001 - 2007 as Deputy Chairperson of The Emunah Israel Women's Organization and Chair of the Association committee.

Dina has held the position of Chairperson of World Emunah since December 2007.

Adv. Hahn has held public positions as a board member of various corporations among them, Neta - Future Mass Transit System for the metropolitan Tel Aviv area, and Chairperson of its Control Committee, a board member of Bank Adanim and Chairperson of its control committee, and a board member of the Blue Square – Supermarket Chain and Chair of its Control Committee. She is presently a member of the council of Bituach Leumi, The National Insurance, a board member of the Ayalon Insurance Company and a board member of the Government Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Dina is the representative of Emunah on the Council of Women’s Organizations of Israel and ICAR the International Council for Agunot Rights.

Dina speaks fluent Hebrew, English and German and is familiar with French.

In addition Dina is involved in volunteer activities for the welfare of family and child and also works for the empowerment of women in Israel and protection of the environment.

Dina Hahn

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