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Children in 5 Children's Homes

Families using 11 Crisis Centers

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Since 1935 EMUNAH has been meeting the challenge of caring for a nation by providing vital social services and educational programs to children and families in every corner of Israel.

EMUNAH is working to improve the lives of the people in Israel, one child, one family at a time.

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emunah women sick leaveThis proposed law would adjust the number of child sick days granted to employees in accordance with the number of children in their families.

The law states that an employee who has a child under the age of 16 is entitled to up to 8 absences from work due to his/her child's illness (these days are counted among the 30 annual sick days to which employees themselves are entitled).

However, the law does not take family size or child numbers into account. This is an untenable situation, as an employee who is the parent of many children will not be adequately served by the 8-day "quota" available, since this will not cover all of the children's sick days. Amending the law to make the number of child sick days to which employees are entitled commensurate with the number of children in their families will enable employees with large families to care for their children appropriately, and will ensure that the children receive adequate care. At the same time, the bill is formulated in such a way as to ensure that the linkage between the number of absences to which employees are entitled and the number of children in their families would be proportionate and reasonable – assuring employers that these employees' work routines would not be significantly altered.



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