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"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world"
Talmud Sanhedrin 37a

The aim of Emunah's residential care network is to break the cycle of dysfunction and distress, providing the children and teenagers with the skills they need to form healthy, productive relationships and, ultimately, establish their own loving and stable families. 

Emunah Children's Homes and Youth Villages

Emunah’s highly regarded Children’s Homes, Youth Villages and Crisis Centers provide a safe, secure and nurturing haven for many of Israel’s most vulnerable children. Dedicated house parents and professional staff are on call around the clock to fulfill the children’s physical, emotional, educational and therapeutic needs - providing them a supportive, family-like environment in which to grow.

Emunah's five children’s homes located in Bnei Brak, Netanya, Afula, Pardes Hana and Even Shmuel, are home to almost 900 at-risk children and adolescents. 

emunah residential care boysEmunah homes incorporate innovative methodologies,state-of-the-art educational programs, and an array of group and individual therapies for parents and children. Specialized therapy protocols include:cycling therapy, animal assisted therapy, music therapy, art therapy, as well as many others.

Be a part of the dream to turn our children’s lives around and give them a future they can look forward to.

Emunah Emergency and Crisis Centers

Emunah operates three emergency and crisis centers located within our children’s homes.

Emergency Placement for Babies and Infants

Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki in Netanya is home to our emergency placement for babies and infants, ready and on-call to receive abandoned or neglected young children at any time during the day or night. The placement provides them with a warm and safe environment, until a more permanent arrangement can be found - often foster care or permanent residential placement in one of our homes.

Emergency Placement for Children

Among the services provided by the Emunah Neve Michael Children's Village is a crisis center for children aged 5-14. Children and adolescents in acute emergency situations are brought to the center either by social services or police. The goal of the crisis center is to ensure personal safety and to distance the child from the trauma and distress that he or she has unfortunately experienced.

Children in need of immediate shelter can arrive at any time of day or night, always in the midst of acute personal and family crises. The children may stay in the crisis center for a period of six to eight months, during which time issues are addressed, children and family members undergo an intensive therapeutic evaluation and intervention process. Following this a more permanent solution is found for the children. In certain cases, the family crisis subsides and happily, we are able to return the children to their families. In other instances, the child may be transferred to an Emunah residential village or to foster care.

Teenage Girls Crisis Center

The Emunah Neve Michael Children's Village also offers a crisis center for teenage girls, the only center of its kind in Israel. 

emunah residential care girlThe Teenage Girls Crisis Center serves the entire country and is aimed at providing protection and therapy for girls at-risk and in distress. Young women aged 12-16, from all over Israel, are referred to the Crisis Center by regional welfare officials and with the approval of the juvenile courts. The Crisis Center at Emunah Neve Michael serves girls who have tragically been sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused or harassed. These adolescent girls may have also experienced severe neglect at home or, been exposed to other dangerous situations within the community.

The Center's Goals:

  • Protection of the teenage girl from a harmful environment and, when necessary, from herself.
  • Conduct a wide-range assessment and evaluation of the girl and her family's environment.
  • Provide short term therapy and support as necessary.
  • Involve the parents in the therapy process.
  • Collaborate with Social Services in formulating an ongoing therapy program for her.

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